David P. Bridges' Country Estate / Writer's Enclave In Southwest Virginia

  1. Estate is 100 acres minimum, in mountainous region within 60 mile radius of Roanoke, at base or in Appalachian Blue Ridge Range.
  2. Phase I: build new Big House, considered a B & B by County Zoning and Planning for tax reasons. I am required to stay in the Big House and students must be housed here also, total eight to start. Estate land and Big House called, Woodmont of Franklin County, Virginia, LLC. These are some of the main features:
    1. A portico like Shelbridge over front door of the house with a circular driveway similar to paternal family home, Shelbridge in Johnson City, Tennessee. Four bedrooms with 2 Jack and Jill adjoined bathrooms connecting bedrooms. Master bedroom with large pane glass windows looking out over mountain vista and pastures. High ceilings up and downstairs with a Great Room with large log fireplace which opens in two directions, one toward Great Room and the other face toward kitchen.
    2. The office study with book cases as a library to accommodate my 7,000 book library.
    3. Great Room facing mountain vistas and pasture land on knoll with two double doors opening onto front porch, north side of room has large pane glass window like Woodmont's Great Room.
    4. The doors in Great Room leading out to front porch 20 feet across in width.
    5. Great Room area large enough to accommodate 10-12 students/Quail hunters/family. Kitchen all modern appliances (restaurant industrial appliances to pass state health codes for food preparation Big House up to State code, ie handicapped ramp, carbon monoxide/fire detectors.)
    6. Glass window paned Mud Room, opens off kitchen, which extends out beyond east end of two main stone support walls. Shelbridge Dining Room facing south toward future gardens.
    7. Dining Room with mahogany wood table to seat 10-12 with inserted leafs, wood floors throughout.
    8. Long pillared front porch and ornamental cement dogs next to steps to ground level, with balcony above it which faces north.
    9. Fence and kennel for the dogs at west end of house with doggy door into main house through basement. Appliance Room in full basement with gun/fishing storage room.
    10. Two car garage not attached to Big House at east end with Generac stand-by generator if and when power outage hits. Square footage will be around 3,000, with basement unfinished.
  3. Phase II: Build the two Cottages for students, family and hunters; provide for four rooms in each cottage with two single beds in each room and one common room on one level. Decor: old Southern estate/country, with all walls in rooms old grey weathered barn wood used or tobacco barn logs. Build smaller dwellings for a Nanny and a cattle hand.
  4. Phase III: Formal gardens, Lilly pools, Thomas Tombstone Rose Garden (see 150 year old marble Thomas family tombstones) and boxwoods everywhere, Black Walnut and Magnolia trees will be planted. The land slopes down in front and back of Big House which would be ideal for gardens.
  5. The site for house will be approved by Jay the Architect; Big House should sit on a knoll with my vegetable garden close to Big House. Pond 1/2 acre could be built or already on the property, for fishing if my students desire. Army Corp of Engineers is responsible for this type project in most counties.
  6. Entry driveway into Big House large 2,500 square feet garden. Canning in order to offer chemical free foods in addition to fresh raised garden vegetables.
  7. Go slowly and develop over 3 year period. Only add a new enterprise to make income as time, money income and energy allow. Do not let estate projects overtake time needed to write novels, which have and will produce income. Writing in the winter and operating more outdoors in the summers working on the estate.
  8. Cattle fencing and an old barn could be on the future estate and waterers. Startup herd of 10 Black Angus registered heifers with calves' in-utero from Eddie's (cousin's) herd or Mystic Hill Farm. My heifers will birth in Spring calving season. Extension Agents in any county will be helpful.
  9. Horses could be located at neighbor's for my students to ride or a commercial stable.
  10. Dog kennels large enough to breed pedigree Setter puppies.
  11. Quail field of 30 acres plant with short sorghum or millet for cover. Raise quail to support hunting visitor friends, non-commercial use. Students can learn about bird dog training and Quail hunting. Need Preserve Permit from, Department Fish and Game of Virginia, in order to set my own season for dog training purposes.
  12. Development of Writer's Enclave, held by: Breathed, Bridges & Best, LLC, where I can produce income from having writers come to learn writing skills for historian/novelist. Advertise in national writing magazines like: The Writer and Writer's Digest, for 6 day Conference.